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Lash treatments are bespoke to every client. Enhancing and creating definition to each eye shape. All lash treatments are tailored to suit each eye shape and face shape.

Lash Treatments
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Classic lash extensions are single lashes placed on to one lash at a time. Classic lashes are of our most natural looking extensions.

They are beautifully created to suit each eye shape. These are amazing for our clients who don’t want anything too noticeable but want their eyes to pop. No more applying mascara or liner. Your extensions are here to save you time in the mornings and make you feel confident every day.


Hybrid lash extensions are a mix of classic lashes and Russian lashes, we create a mix for our clients who are wanting more volume but still want the diversity or texture of a slightly thicker lash. We can create these to suit everyone needs.


We can do this by adding more classic or more Russians depending on what style the client is after. For example you could have 60% classic and 40% Russian or vice-versa. This treatment is fab for those who are wanting to have a fuller look or even over time they want extra depth. Waking up every morning ready to conquer the day.


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Russian lash extensions are multiple lashes placed onto one lash going from 3D – 7D lash extensions. These lashes are amazing and are hand made by Molly. They are created to suit every client, creating depth, darkness or even sometimes an eyeliner effect. Now Molly can also create a natural looking set of Russians which gives off volume but not darkness.

Russian lashes are amazing for everyday, night out, holidays or even occasions. No more strip lashes, mascara or eyeliner. Wake up every day ready. These lashes are perfect if you are someone who likes a fuller look, wears strips or wears a full face of makeup everyday. 

Kimmy K


Kimmy K extensions these lashes are strip lash effect into extensions!

These are amazing for occasions or if your someone who loves a full strip lash. These lashes are done layer to layer, Molly did a course just to learn these amazing lashes. In these lashes are texture length and spikes to give off a dramatic effect. Kimmy K is very in right now, they take time and a perfect to the point.

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Lash lifts are a natural treatment where we cleverly perm your natural lashes back to give the allusion they are longer. It curls them up so you don’t have to use a lash curler or even wear mascara.

Lash Lifts are amazing for those with a busy life style as they only need this treatment every 8 weeks!

Your lashes will shed naturally and be prepared for the next appointment. One of the big benefits with lash lifts are you can wear makeup, get them wet and rub your eyes! We recommend this treatment to people with longer lashes as it gives the best effect. Also to those whom are allergic to exertions.


Lash Tech

Want to become a Lash Tech yourself? And create the most gorgeous lashes for your clients? We have the course for you! Click below to find out more!

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